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 Price list

Hourly fee in CZK:

All prices upon request.

Please send us as many details about your inquiry as possible so we can you a right offer!

Thank you,

Agentura Pohoda Team

Weekend and state holiday 100 % fee added to all prices. Additional travel fee is added to services outside of Prague. Prices are per 1/2 hour or any part thereof .


If client decide to pay the worker on his/her own, agency will charge Worker Placement Fee that is 15000 CZK. It is one time fee charged by the agency. Agency guarantee 1 months trial period. If client is not satisfied with the worker, agency will replace him/her once without additional costs.

If for any reason services are not able to be performed at the identified contractual time due to client negligence, the agency has the right to charge at a rate equal to the hourly rate for both waiting time and total cancellation.

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